Friday, April 8, 2016

D - Donut

Not all of my A to Z posts will be about food...I promise!

Universal Studios in Orlando hosts a section dedicated to The Simpsons.  The girls only have a vague idea of who the Simpsons are, and The Simpsons' ride is a bit nausea inducing (according to Aly and Dan who rode it on our first trip), so we don't really spend much time in this area of the park.  On our recent trip, we noticed that they had expanded this area, adding new restaurants and a new ride.  

Enter Lard Lad Donuts!

The shop smelled REALLY amazing every time we walked past.  Skyeler finally caved and decided she had to have a Donut.  Now you can't tell from the above picture but check out the following picture...

Yes, yes, that really IS a quarter in the center of the Donut hole.  Lard Lad makes some pretty large donuts :) 

And yes, it really IS about as big as Skyeler's head!  

We all thought that it would be just a mediocre donut, fun for the size but not very tasty.
We were VERY wrong!  Actually, they make the donuts fresh and it was quite yummy!  The four of us couldn't finish it, but we had so much fun taking pictures of it and sending them out to all our friends :)

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