Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday, Aly!

We keep telling Aly to stop growing!  She is usually a pretty obedient child, however, she seems to be showing some defiance in this area :D  Twelve years.  My baby is 12 years old! On the brink of teenager-hood.  I seem to be asking myself "How did this happen?!" a lot this year.  My joyful little hooligan who spread Desitin on my brand new chair, pulled the cat's tail behind my back, climbed my bookshelf to get to her beloved Nuk, and loved her Baby Moo (this tiny little cow, that seemed to get lost every. single. night. in her bed because it was SO tiny), is growing up into a sensitive, enthusiastic young girl with a ton of spunk! 

We celebrated her birthday at home with just us.  Daddy made her favorite meal of Bang Bang Shrimp, and we bought her a My Little Pony cake that she was dying to have.  My Little Pony and party hats were the theme of the night.   Aly spent tons of time making her own party hats, and we all wore them for cake and pictures.  

Happy Birthday Alyxandra Rose!

tying on the hat 

 Party On!

 One of four My Little Pony presents: Pinkie Pie
(she also got Scoot-a-loo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom)

 Aly collects keys.

 The Cake!

We wear party hats now.
Party hats are cool.