Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family Pictures

I have been wanting to take family pictures for the last two years at Thanksgiving!  
This year they all humored me  :)
(or pretended to LOL)

My favorite of ALL of us, especially my parents

trying it out a different way, don't know which I like better

Papa, Granny, and the Yahoos

I also like this one of my parents.  

Glen, Cheryl, Bryce, and Carter

Aly and Dan having way too much fun squishing me!

Dan, me, Skyeler, and Alyxandra


Skyeler and Aly
I believe next year Aly may be the taller of the two!

And one more that Skyeler edited.

All joking aside, I am thrilled to have these pictures of my family.  They may not be perfect. Our reds may not have matched. But it shows those we care so much about.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday, Aly!

We keep telling Aly to stop growing!  She is usually a pretty obedient child, however, she seems to be showing some defiance in this area :D  Twelve years.  My baby is 12 years old! On the brink of teenager-hood.  I seem to be asking myself "How did this happen?!" a lot this year.  My joyful little hooligan who spread Desitin on my brand new chair, pulled the cat's tail behind my back, climbed my bookshelf to get to her beloved Nuk, and loved her Baby Moo (this tiny little cow, that seemed to get lost every. single. night. in her bed because it was SO tiny), is growing up into a sensitive, enthusiastic young girl with a ton of spunk! 

We celebrated her birthday at home with just us.  Daddy made her favorite meal of Bang Bang Shrimp, and we bought her a My Little Pony cake that she was dying to have.  My Little Pony and party hats were the theme of the night.   Aly spent tons of time making her own party hats, and we all wore them for cake and pictures.  

Happy Birthday Alyxandra Rose!

tying on the hat 

 Party On!

 One of four My Little Pony presents: Pinkie Pie
(she also got Scoot-a-loo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom)

 Aly collects keys.

 The Cake!

We wear party hats now.
Party hats are cool.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hadley and Daniel got married last Saturday!  It was a beautiful wedding. We are so happy for them!!  Months ago Hadley asked Skyeler and Aly to be in the wedding.  Skyeler was touched.  Aly was ecstatic!  She has been beside herself through the whole process.  I had the ultimate panic moment the Sunday before the wedding.  I woke up from my nap to find that Aly had cleaned out her closet.  In fact, 3/4 of her closet was in the middle of her bedroom floor.  Including many clothes that had fit her two months ago.  As in two months ago we had tried on her bridesmaid dress and it had fit perfectly and Hadley and I both agreed that Aly couldn't possible grow that much in two months.  The next morning, before taking the dresses to Robin to have them pressed at the bridal shop, we tried the dress on.  Enter the ultimate panic moment as I didn't think I was going to get the dress zipped!!  Well, it zipped, and Aly said she could breathe, and she would be fine, but it wasn't going to be pleasant.  I told Robin that I figured it was hopeless but to at least ask to see if the bridal shop had the next size up just lying around.  God is so good!  Hadley texted later and said they did!!  Aly and Skyeler wore the same size dress for the wedding!!  Crazy!

Skyeler, Dan, and I all took pictures the day of the wedding. I was shocked to discover, at the end of the day, that I really hadn't taken that many of my girls or the groomsmen that they were paired with.  I hope the professional photographer got some nice ones :)  These pictures are really just of my girls.  I will post some of my favorite from the wedding day in a separate post.

 Aly getting her hair done.  It was the first time that she had her hair done for a formal occasion.

 Aly all done up

Skyeler is almost done. 
Kelly's done Skyeler's hair for formals many times.  

 Aly, Skyeler, and Sarah during the ceremony

 Aly and Skye

 Aly, Dan, Skyeler, and Madi

 Sharon and me
(someone was playing with the white balance so our color is a little off)

Aly, Makenna, Skyeler, and Madi

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Our homeschool group was able to get tickets to a local minor league baseball game.  I was really looking forward to going.  I love group activities and I love baseball and doing the YMCA in the stands :)  And for as much as Dan and I traveled to Pittsburgh (before children) to see the Pirates play, our kids have never been to a baseball game.  Unfortunately, I got some food poisoning or stomach bug or something the weekend of the game (I haven't been that sick in about 10 years) and wasn't able to go.  Skyeler stayed home with me and Dan took Aly.  Aly LOVED it and had a great time.  She took her little camera and took a few pictures.  

Let's Party!!

We arrived at the final activity of the Senior Year.  The Grad Party!  If you know me at all, you know that I am horrible at planning for big events.  I pretty much stressed over this for weeks (ok, maybe months).  The day, however, turned out great.  The house was clean, the food was prepared, chairs were set up, decorations done, and most importantly, people actually came :)  

PSA:  I could not have done this without Dan, Mom and Dad, and Cheryl.  They were there EVERY step of the way and helped out in so many ways!  Thank you so much!  I love you all!  I also couldn't have done without the moral support of Sharon and Robin who also listened to me (over and over) wonder if I had enough food and if I had remembered everything.  Love you guys, too!

So we had a beautiful sunny day, Skyeler looked beautiful, and things went so smooth.  And no, I didn't run out of food LOL.  Skyeler had a wonderful day spending time with friends and family.  She doesn't normally enjoy being the center of attention, but she shined today!

 Skye in front of her Senior Board and table.  She made the camera card box herself and the scrapbook too (because her mom didn't get around to it).  She had scrapbook pages to sign and also the Dr. Seuss book "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"  Their class colors were black and silver, but Skye added a personal touch with the hot pink :)

 Papa introducing Katie to M&M's :)  

 Cheryl, Mom, Sue, and Gene

 Skyeler really wanted water balloons and silly string.  I was skeptical but the water balloons were a big hit and didn't get too out of hand.  Madi is getting ready to get Dan with a water balloon.  She was so excited that she got him good :)

 Nick & Riley being incredibly silly (Shocker!)
This picture makes me LOL!  

 Aly enjoyed the day just as much.  Her, Priscilla, Elena, and Nina went up to her room to keep Toby company.

 Playing Spoons.  
Riley, Oliver, Lorin, Bryce, Philip, Carter, Jen, Brian, Michelle, and Kristen

 Writing with sidewalk chalk was a big hit at all the grad parties this year (who knew that Seniors could been so enthralled with sidewalk chalk?!)

Aly and her Aunt Karen

Friday, August 17, 2012


We have been rushing toward this day for months.  And I do mean rushing.  As much as I wanted time to stand still or at least go into slow motion, it seemed that it happened in a blink.  In fact, what happened to my Elmo, Alex Trabek, Batman, Thomas the Tank Engine loving little baby girl?  I blinked and she went from that little baby girl to a beautiful, kind, compassionate young woman.  And here we are...graduation day.  The end of her childhood.  The beginning of the rest of her life. We were honored that my parents, Dan's mom, and Cheryl, Glen, and the boys were able to join us for this special day.  Our prayer is that Skyeler will continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of her Lord and Saviour as she begins this new season of her life.  We love you, sweetheart!

 Skye sang at the end of the ceremony.  
She did a beautiful job and totally took her Grandma Am by surprise!

It's all over.  She may have graduated but she is still Granny's girl :)

Kings Island

We always look forward to our yearly homeschool trip to Kings Island.  I believe that this was the best year ever!  What a great time we all had.  It was also Tori's 18th birthday, so we had an overabundance of cupcakes at lunch!  Yum!  Thanks to Doug, Sharon, and Sara, I am actually in a few pictures this year.  That doesn't happen often :)  

 Calleigh, Tori, Lewis, and me...notice my hands are up?!  I really LOVE the Racer!

 Skyeler and Riley at The Delirium  

 Elizabeth and Aly 

 Skyler Ray and Aly

 Skyler Ray, Aly, me, Tori, Michelle, Priscilla, and Elizabeth

 Aly and me on another of my favorite rides

 Calleigh and Dan

 Skyeler and Lorin...Lorin was determined NOT to squash Skye and stayed this way the whole time.

Tori and Dan...their annual picture...Dan most definitely IS trying to squash Tori.