Sunday, November 13, 2011

Skyeler's New 'Do

Skyeler has been considering a shorter hairdo for a couple months.  She had thought about doing it before our vacation to Florida but wasn't 100% sure.  This past week she came to me and told me she was thinking about it again.  She was telling me because when it is such a drastic change I make them wait to think about it.  :)  Well, by Saturday she had thought about it enough.  Here is a quick pic of the new 'do.  We think it is adorable.  Now we will need to do some more senior pictures...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The title says it all!!  We were volunteering at the mission on Saturday and they asked if we would want a couple kittens.  Aly has been wanting her own kitten for about two years now.  She was all over wanting to bring these cuties home.  When asked, Daddy said yes and we picked them up yesterday.  They are just too sweet!  They are brother and sister and just as cuddly as they are cute.  The only person in the house who was not convinced this was a good idea was Sparkles, Skyeler's anal 10yo cat :)  We rocked his world yesterday.  We haven't yet been able to integrate them.  Sparkles is still trying to get used to the scent of the kittens on us and in the house.  He even hisses at our clothes LOL.  I'm really praying that he will tolerate them soon!

So what did they call them?  Well, that took some discussion!  Before we saw them, Skyeler had picked out the name Pascal (from Rapunzel) and Aly had picked out Toothless (from How to Train Your Dragon).  But they didn't really look like Pascal and Toothless.  They threw out quite a few names but in the end settled on names from our favorite television show ... Doctor Who!  

 Meet the Pond's

 Rory (The Last Centurion) 

Amelia (The Girl Who Waited)

Trick or Treat

We were very sorry to not be trick or treating with Bryce and Carter this year!  Darn that Halloween thing falling on a weekday :)  Skyeler knew that Aly would be missing the boys so she offered to trick or treat with her little sister this year.  Since Aly was going to be Hermione again, we all thought Skye would be Luna Lovegood.  She already had the outfit she wore to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter plus her new Luna wand and radish earrings.  However, she worked to finish sewing the Rapunzel costume she was making.  There are still a few details she needs to add to the Rapunzel costume, but it was plenty wearable for trick or treat.  Skye wasn't feeling too good and Aly got tired so we weren't out very long but they still got a nice haul!

 Aly as Hermione Granger

 Skyeler as Rapunzel.  She collected candy in the frying pan, that got lots of laughs!