Saturday, May 22, 2010

Skye's Up-Do

Two weeks ago our church had its annual Ladies Banquet. Skyeler and her friends planned to go to the salon and get a fancy hairdo for the occasion. Unfortunately, I came down with a horrible cold the day before and we were not able to attend the banquet. Skye still went and got her hair done. I was going to wait till Sharon shared the pictures she took at the salon before posting, but I haven't got them yet so I'm going to go ahead and share anyway.

She's just beautiful :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ok, so I'm not posting this on my actual birthday. On my birthday (Wednesday) I took Skyeler to her first training of the year at the camp, brought her home and put her to bed (because she had caught the same cold that Aly had), cleaned up and disinfected so Dan wouldn't catch it when he got back from his trip, and then went to church to help Pastor Wes and Peggy pack up their moving van. We had already decided to celebrate on Thursday since Dan was getting back too late to celebrate Wednesday. Sharon and I spent some time walking the nature trails and sitting by the lake at the camp, which was a nice way to spend some of my birthday. Although a water snake invaded the peace and quiet by sticking his little head up in the lake right in front of me. Eek!

Dan surprised me by bringing home some birthday presents. Vera Bradley stuff! I was so surprised :) I do LOVE surprises :) Dan took the day off on Thursday and Aly pestered him till he took her out to get me a birthday present. If you know Aly, you know she has a one-track mind :) She had an idea of what she wanted to get me and wouldn't rest till she got it. I was thrilled with my Twilight books! She read my reading journal and knew which books I liked best! We went out to lunch at Red Lobster and got my ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. All in all a wonderful day! I enjoyed the time spent with Dan and the girls.

I'll have to take a picture of my Vera Bradley stuff: a large cosmetic bag and a curling iron cover for my hair straightener, and a mini hipster.

Here's Aly and me with the presents she got me...

Math & Science Days at Kings Island

Every year Kings Island has Math & Science Days. Our co-op group decided to go this year. What a fun field trip! Aly was beside herself with excitement. This was the first amusement park trip where she was 48". That's tall enough to get on the big rides. :) Unfortunately, she was down with a horrible cold the three days prior and went still a little sick. Lucky for her, the adrenaline rush kept her going for most of the day.

I will get more pictures later, Doug took his big camera with him and took a lot of photos, but I did take a couple with Aly's little point and shoot (bad quality) and thought I would go ahead and post them.
I rode the smaller water log ride in Planet Snoopy land multiple times with the little kids. Max and Nina, who found out that they really didn't like roller coasters, LOVED this ride. It was fun and we didn't get too wet.

The mini drop tower in Planet Snoopy. Max hated this ride. Aly loves it.

The big water ride in the park. Dan, Tori, Tommy, and Skyeler agreed to get on it with the four little kids. They were pretty excited the first time, nobody got totally drenched. The littles talked them into "just one more time" and then they ALL got drenched. It was a beautiful day, though, and they all dried quickly.