Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Walk in the Hollar

Undaunted by our "bear" experience of the morning, we set out on a new adventure. Yesterday it was too muddy (and chilly) to go the long hike up the hill. A cloudy morning turned into a beautiful afternoon and the girls were ready to go again.

Starting out ...

A frog in the little pond. You can barely see the pond for the leaves!

Skyeler thinks she can find the frog with a stick. Granny is worried that she'll fall into the pond which is mostly mud. Tori lends a helping hand, though it looks like she's trying to pull Skye away :)

Aly wants to get on the fallen tree that she and Daddy climbed at Thanksgiving. Elizabeth is trying to get up. What a good friend Skyeler is...standing there...observing...finally Granny tells her to lend Elizabeth a helping hand. I'm surprised they both didn't fall off the bank.

Success! Another fallen tree to sit on.

It's a little more difficult getting down. Granny was there to catch, though Tori was afraid she'd knock Granny over. Lizzy looks like she's hanging on for dear life, but she's just trying to figure out the best way to come down.

Aly was excited to show Tori and Elizabeth all of the things they usually do on the trail. That meant a stop at the grapevine. This is not the best one they've had. It's too close to the tree. But they all gave it a try. Elizabeth first.

Then Tori.

We got ahead of the girls at one point. They were talking on the rock. I wasn't leaving them up there alone, however, you know ... bobcats, bears, and panthers :)

There is sandstone all over the hill. Tori and Elizabeth were breaking pieces off by hitting it against a tree.

Homeschoolers! Who knew sandstone was so fascinating? They all carried pieces down to the house and I could hear them "filing" away as we came down the hill.

We had to pause a moment while Granny extracted Tori's hair from a tree branch. I could have helped, but it was a GREAT photo op :)

The walk is over and here we are back at the house. What are they doing out there? Filing their sandstone! And waving to random people as they drive by the house (a Kentucky thing...everyone waves). Oh, and seeing if they can intimidate the neighborhood boys :) It worked. Dustin rode by on his bike and was too scared to say hi LOL!
So not quite as adventurous as the morning. But I'm MORE than ok with that. One heart stopping moment was quite enough for me!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adventures in the Hollar

I am sitting here on the couch, in Kentucky, surrounded by girls who like to tell me what to do! I would like to be witty, maybe even funny, but honestly, I can't think straight, so we'll just skip right to the fun. Aly is ready for the nightly ice cream cone, Granny is showing off her new Kentucky Wildcats shirt, and the girls are making sure I get the story straight. And not letting me type what I want :) So here's a small look into what we've been up to today ... a small look, because I'm not including Elizabeth's random pictures of skateboards, street signs, and flowers with dew. AND we haven't even unloaded the OTHER memory card from our second walk up the hill. So welcome to a day in Kentucky ...

It began with rummy playing, in front of the fire. We don't know who won (no surprise there!)

Entertainment...Kentucky style...a man on the side of the road talking with Papa. He had a car on a trailer. OOOHHHH! So they spy.

And here is what they were spying on...a car...on a trailer. WOW. The girl mechanics are checking it out. They are sure they know what is wrong with it...a flat tire and a hole and the sticker on the back was peeling off.

When we get back from our "Adventure" the girls are dismayed...what has happened to the car!?!?

Tori, Skyeler, Aly, and Lizzy (as Papa calls her) in front of Uncle Isaac's church.

We're going on a lion hunt (not snake...eeww). We're not afraid .... Yet! Seriously, we are looking for an old family grave site. Skyeler says "Creepy!" Granny is determined. I'm still worried about the snakes!

We didn't find the grave site, but did find a big dead tree. Skyeler is going on and on about how we are in the woods, looking for a grave site, and isn't this foreshadowing or something. Then she starts going on about us being stuck out here in the middle of the night. Tori (being practical) says why in the world would we be out here in the middle of the night. I (still scared of seeing a snake) reply that we DEFINITELY won't be out here in the middle of the night because they've seen bobcats, and panthers, and one person saw a bear around here. Well, I turn around and see a brown face in the brush not too far away from me ... and scream bloody murder!!!!!! I thought for sure a bear was in the brush. It was Coe Ray's dog (a boy down the hollar). But how was I supposed to know that, I just got done talking about bears for crying out loud!! Tori yells, "WHAT!" Elizabeth just keeps on taking pictures. Skyeler yells, "WHAT!" Elizabeth just keeps on taking pictures. I scared Aly to death. She was shaking and crying and screaming she wanted off the mountain. Granny was trying to get back over to us to see what in the world was going on. Elizabeth just keeps on taking pictures. Not bothered in the least. Tori and Skyeler are laughing me...and I was trying to calm Aly down. She was hysterical for a couple minutes.

And Elizabeth just kept on taking pictures, like this one of the "bear" that made me about pee my pants! Oh, the adventures that happens at Granny's house.

After the excitement was over, Tori was amazed that there was just a car on the side of the road. She said that people just couldn't leave cars on the side of the road! But this is Kentucky. Granny and Tori wondered if there were any dead people in the car. I said there were probably snakes in there! Elizabeth took this picture :) That child is not phased by much!

Ok, I did put one of the road sign pictures in. Skyeler took this picture. It looks like Granny is holding up the sign. It really is attached to the ground.

Still alive and unmangled, safely back home from the first adventure of the day!
Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of "Adventures in the Hollar."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - You CAN train a cat

Skyeler created a Mii for her cat on the Wii Fit Plus. She's been trying to do his Kitty Fitness Test on a regular basis. Because Sparkles likes to bite, Skye makes him wait till AFTER to get the kitty treat. He knows that when she pulls out the big green mat that it MUST be time for a treat. Here he is, waiting not so patiently, for her to be ready for him.