Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday's with Larry

Skyeler has been spending her Thursday afternoons with a handsome fellow. Horse fellow, that is. Her riding lessons in September were a reimbursement for babysitting over the summer. She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to continue, so we signed her up for the camp's Equine Prep School. The horse is matched up with the rider according to personality. But not the same personality. Skyeler's instructors know her timid personality...totally non-confrontational. So they gave her Larry. Larry pushes the boundaries. Larry wants to see if Skyeler REALLY wants to be in charge. It's been just an awesome experience for Skye. It was nice to get out today and take a few pictures of this fun relationship.

Larry out in the pasture
Skyeler has to go out and bring in Larry from the pasture. Larry is no problem. Choco (not pictured) is. He escaped out of the pasture a few weeks ago and refused to go back. :) Sunny is the Arabian behind Larry.

Bringing Larry from the pasture to the arena, he'd rather eat some grass!

Larry gets a cleaning before class begins. Skyeler does this all on her own. Larry likes to see if he can nip Skye some days. It keeps Skye on her toes.

Larry knows there are treats in Skyeler's pocket.

Mounting up. Larry likes to play "Do You Really Want to Get On Me?" with Skyeler. Her instructor, Juli, tells her to let him know she really means it.

Up and riding

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

This past summer, Bryce, Carter, and Aly discovered the world of "Harry Potter." Those yahoo's immediately started planning for a Halloween "Harry Potter" trick or treat fest! Yesterday we drove the 2.5 hours up north so "Harry," "Ron," and "Hermione" could trick or treat together. Cheryl bought them all brooms and also cauldrons to carry their candy in. I knitted the whole week to get Aly a Gryffindor scarf to wear with her robe. After a frantic rush to finish the scarf (minutes before trick or treat began), a scare that Bryce had lost his robe, teasing Aly's hair to stand up (because we didn't bring the right crimper tool), and plenty of pictures, we hit the streets. I was surprised at just how many people knew who they were. They had a ball. Heck, we had a ball watching them :) We were just doing what Papa always tells us is so important...Making Memories!! So whether you like "Harry Potter" or not, you can't deny how stinkin' cute they look :)

Aly as "Hermione"
Hermione with Harry (Bryce)

Hermione, Harry, and Ron (Carter, of course...gotta love that wig!!)

Aly's loot :)
And a picture that actually includes my older child...the one who didn't want to dress up to trick or treat...but is still staring longingly at the candy pile. LOL! Aunt Cheryl had mercy on her and gave her the boy's candy basket to eat out of for the night. I can guarantee that there are no more Sour Patch Kids in that basket :)