Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just the Girls

Skyeler took pictures for us. She did a good job!
Cheryl and I

Cheryl, Mom, and Me :)

Visiting Hale Farm and Village

Today we visited Hale Farm and Village with Granny, Aunt Cheryl, and the boys. It had been fourteen years since we visited. At that time there was no Aly, Bryce, or Carter. Just a very shy Skyeler who didn't like people, especially ones who said that children should be "seen and not heard." Lol! The last time we visited, Granny managed to get into trouble by messing with a "gentleman's bed" (she was trying to figure out if it was a feather tick mattress) and Cheryl got into trouble by "pawing at" the family's lunch. Skyeler never wanted to visit another house there again.

Ten years later, we found the farm more "hands-on" for the kids. We had a wonderful time! It was a beautiful day to be out and about, not too hot and a little hint of a breeze. The kids were encouraged to touch and ask questions at almost every place we visited. Skyeler enjoyed watching the blacksmith work, among other things. Aly loved helping to make candles. Bryce enjoyed where they made the pottery. Carter's favorite was the gift shop :) Ok, they did get to pick out candy from the many candy jars at the gift shop. Lol! I think the yahoo's are planning for us to go back next year :)

Aly and Carter dressing up in period clothing. They look a little like Laura Ingalls and Willie Olson :)

Aly dipping candles. Her job in that period would actually have been to make the wicks for the candles. Three hundred, actually, to last the family through the year.

Bryce slimming the candles down, after dipping, to make them straight.

Carter rolling his wool out.

Bryce rolled his wool very well. The lady told us we could dye it ourselves and gave us ideas for natural dyes. Then she told us that we could also use Kool-Aid to dye the wool.

Outside there was a big weaving loom for the kids to try. Skyeler was very familiar with this after learning to weave in Keepers two years ago (thanks to Julie).
Skyeler helped all the younger yahoo's figure out how to do it.
Carter was very intent on figuring it out.

With one of the period workers.

Aly and Carter in an intense game of checkers. They didn't get to finish it much to Aly's dismay.

Skyeler helps Carter try out the machine that separates the corn from the husk. Bryce had it going pretty fast. He said it was going "30 mph" :)

While we were there, they brought the milk cow in with her calf. The kids were allowed to watch if they were very quiet. They were.

In the Schoolhouse...the school teacher was in period costume and spoke as if we were in that period as well. She told Carter that he would have to wait a year to attend her school.

The school teacher demonstrating how they would discipline the girls. Nose against the wall. Balance the book on your head. Stand on your tip toes. For 5 minutes. Aly didn't have to stand for 5 minutes. The boys got the willow switch :)

Watching the broom maker. It WAS pretty interesting. There is a corn made only for brooms. It produces no ears whatsoever.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beautiful Yahoo's

While taking pictures of the yahoo's outside, I snapped this picture. Purely spontaneous. Purely beautiful!

Discovering a Tree

Yesterday we made the trip to Cheryl's for a visit. My mom joined us today and we visited with Uncle Ronnie and then went and visited with Aunt Annie and Uncle George. The three younger yahoo's were getting a little restless while we chatted, so I sent them out back to play. Some of my fondest childhood memories took place in Aunt Annie's backyard. Sadly, the large willow tree, that was such a huge part of Aunt Ann's yard, was struck by lightning years ago and is now dead. Many games of Tarzan and Charlie's Angels were played on and around that old willow tree. One of the other trees had grown quite large, though, and Aunt Ann gave the kids permission to swing on the branches of that tree. Bryce, Carter, and Aly began by swinging on the branches. That quickly progressed to some game that only the three of them could make up, which progressed to making a "house." Thankfully, Aunt Ann said that she was planning to prune those tree limbs soon. The yahoo's took care of it for her :) It was amazing to watch the three of them outside, having a ball, discovering the wonders of a tree! It may not have been the same tree that was part of my memories, but it was the same backyard that provided those wonderful memories for me.

Bryce and Aly getting a good hold for a great swing.

There is a vision...the vision for a house.

They wanted a picture of the finished "house."