Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Celebrating the Fourth of July

Well, actually, we celebrated on July 3rd. :) Aly was going to "Granny Camp" on the Fourth, so we had to celebrate a day early. We bought a few "fireworks" to do with the girls, as well as Sparklers and Poppers. Dan taught the girls a few lessons on safe fireworks (a.k.a. smoke bombs and snake thingy's) and then let them do a few themselves. Even lighting the matches...Yikes! They enjoyed experimenting with the snakes, trying to make them grow on or in different materials. What a mess! We thought about going to see fireworks, but decided against it since I had to travel early the next morning to meet Mom. Lucky for us, some neighbors were putting off a few bigger fireworks and we got to watch their little display. What a great day! Here are some pictures from the day...

Aly drew the American Flag with her sidewalk chalk...complete with 50 stars!

Aly and a snake thingy

Skyeler trying to light the snakes in a row. She wasn't quite successful :)

A family picture

Fun with the Sparklers ... we found out last year that if I switch my camera mode, I can get cool pictures like this with the Sparklers. The girls loved trying to make different images for the camera.